1.About Plastic:

Plastic not only has become one of a widely used material, but also has become a substitute for other materials, For example: ceramics, glass, paper, cloth, leather and bricks, which is also considered one of the important materials.

Polycarbonate refers to PC, it is a common material in daily life. Due to its colorless and transparent, it possesses multi advantages. Its appearance has characteristics of excellent transparency and high temperature resistance.

It will not be deformed unless the temperature is over 300℉. However, it has the highest temperature resistance among thermoplastics. In addition, it also possesses multi characteristics, such as high strength, high impact, dimensional stability, excellent electrical insulating properties, excellent flame resistance, and self-extinguishing.

2.Application of PC  


(2) Construction Materials

(3) Electronic Component.Communication Machine

(4) Automatic Components

(5) Electrical Appliance  

(6) Safety Helmet

(7) Series Sports Bottle 

(8) Lighting Appliance   

(9) PET Bottle

(10) Milk Bottle 



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